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Defy me review - NON spoiler book review and discussion

As I planned I'm done with Defy me I finished it yesterday so I'll have to change my whole wrap up for the month and TBR, yeah, whatever. So, I don't get why everybody hated this book so much, I really really loved it.  I'm going to start with the usual disclaimer, this is a book from The Shatter me series, this is the fifth book, so if you haven't read the first four here are the non spoiler reviews for them: Shatter me series, first three books, Shatter me, Unravel me and Ignite me, here.  Restore me here.  This post might contain spoilers for the previous books so if you haven't read them click off right now and go catch up with the series in the links I have posted before. 
I'm going to start like yesterday with a non spoiler review and then a detailed discussion late, don't worry, I will warn you as soon as I'll start with the spoilers.  So,  bye people that haven't read the Shatter me series and don't want to be spoiled. 
I rated this …

Restore me - book review - NON spoiler review and discussion

I know I have to stop prewriting articles because I always end up changing my mind.  So, I finished the Shatter me series (non spoiler review here) or at least I finished the first three books of the series thinking that they were the only ones. I thought, maybe I just need to read the novellas to know what's going to happen next. Then I found out that there are other books to the series, Restore me and Defy me. I've written a TBR and a wrap up already because I didn't think I was going to read Restore me now, my plans changed so I'll be deleting that post because I'll probably be finished with Defy me by tomorrow and it's technically still october.  The last two books are not available in italian so I had to directly order them from the U.K to Italy 'cause my stupid brain couldn't think of Amazon at that moment.  It said that I would have received the books by the 12th of November, I just couldn't wait that much, I saw that the ebooks were availabl…

Book unhaul challenge - some juicy tea - 50 books unhauled

As you read by the title today we are going to unhaul some books.  These are going to be ebooks that I'll be deleting off of my kindle and books that I am going to throw away from my window. Just kidding, all the books that I will decide to unhaul I will sell them or give them to someone that wants them, if you are interested to any of this books you can contact me here.  I will be following the challenge created by Booksandlala from YouTube. I hope you enjoy this article and let's begin. 
A book you rated low.

These are all books I rated one to two stars and I am really sad to get rid of the classics but I never liked them and I always think of holding on to them for my brother but then I remember that he does Mechanics in high school so it's really not likely that he is going to need any of this books, and if he does he can pick them up at the library.  If you have been reading this blog for a while my unconditional hate for Beautiful disaster is not new at all, I could …

Books I don't talk about enough.

Hello guys,  today I am here to talk to you about all the books that are not very known, that I feel like I don't talk about them enough on my blog and in general people don't really speak about this books.  You will find all genres, so I hope you enjoy and you find something to add to your TBR. 
First book that I want to talk about is: Born of illusion by Teri Brown. This book is set in the first years of 1920s and it follows the story of Anna, a girl that lives with her mother which is a medium, she always follows her mother in her shows and helps her until she finds out that she has a power that will save her life. I loved this books so much, I gave it 4.5 stars and I just found out that there are other three books with it and I am so exited to read them. I'll definitely suggest that you pick this one up because it's a light read, it's just really good.  This is the book that inspired me to pick ''The Diviners'' up. 

Second book is: All quiet on …

Why you should read the ''Shatter me'' series right now.

I've read many reviews about the Shatter me series.  And I have this bad habit of buying things and then reading reviews, when I watched some YouTube videos of people talking about this series I was kind of regretting the choice of buying it without knowing anything about it.
The book got here, I got an edition with three books in one, and I started it looking for a reason to hate it

But at the end I started it with no particular expectation. I started the first book, I wasn't loving it but I was still interested in the story. For those of you who may not know, the shatter me series follows the story of Juliette, a girl who's touch is deadly, she can kill people just touching them. She has been considered a monster by everybody and no one actually ever loved her, until she knows a guy that looks like he's immune to her touch. There is some kind of love triangle at the beginning, there is some insta love, but trust me, just go on with the series, it gets better. If you are tryi…

Books and series I've never finished - part two

I've already written an article like this in italian, I'll link it here, open the right bar and translate the article with the tool or just look at the covers of the books if you're interested, and I really liked to write it.  There are so many books that I didn't finish because they were terrible or because I just was not getting interested by the story. Reading should be a pleasure, don't force yourself into reading something that you don't like, that's why I'd rather just let the book uncomplete instead of forcing myself into a lot of frustration and finish it. 
The first book that I've never gotten to finish is Obsidian, I hated this book so much. I have to say that I read the translation and not the original book in English, this can make you hate a book so much, there is a problem, this book was Twilight in every shape and form, it was way too similar to it, I just couldn't. I read enough to review it and I think I gave it one star and a h…

A creepy but eye opening book: Unwind.

Since Halloween is on it's way I've started to think about some books that I found creepy that I think you would like to read on Halloween and this came to my mind right away.
I've started reading this book the day before my exams because I was so stressed and I didn't want to think about them anymore.  This book is creepy. It's so well thought, in my opinion the author is a genius, this book is basically about parents being able to decide to "Unwound" their kids when they are in the age between 13 and 18, they go to the harvest camp where they get "cut into little pieces" and the parts of their bodies will be reused by people who needed them, for example a person that lost an arm could find another arm from an Unwind.  Our main character is called Connor and he has been Unwound by his parents at the age of 16 years old because he was always starting fights at school and his grades were bad, he finds out that he was going to be Unwound because…

Book review: Did I mention I love you?

This book was terrible.
I think this is the lowest rate I've ever given and I don't want to be too evil because the author of the book at the time of the book coming out was 17, she was so young and still has a lot of room for improvement.  Props to her for being able to get published at this young age.  This is the usual novel discovered by a publisher on Wattpad and we follow the story of the main character Eden following the "California dream" she, like many girls her age, has always dreamed of visiting California. Her mom and dad are divorced and her dad decides to show up in her life asking her if she wanted to go spend some time with him and his new wife and kids in California. She said yes and as soon as she gets there she hates the place, and at the end California was not what she was expecting.  She meets her stepbrother and he is the one she'll fall in love with. I'm going to stop here with the plot to avoid spoilers in case you are interested to …