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John Cahill is telling us something about his books!

The writing community newsletter dropped yesterday for the first time, if you are interested in receiving the newspaper for free just comment with your email under this post, and if you want to be interviewed for the newspaper DM me on twitter, this is an example of how your interview will look like.
This was the old format for the interviews for the newspaper, remember to DM me if you want to be interviewed I have new questions. 

Begin by telling us something about yourself and about your book, then tell us how did you get inspired to write it.
My Name is John M. Cahill and I am 72 years old. I was born and raised in Pittsfield in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts. I earned a B.A. in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts and enjoyed a successful and rewarding career in public relations and social marketing with New York State government. I am retired and live with my wife in Vienna, Austria.
I am a writer of historical fiction. My WIP is entitled, The Trail of a Traitor. It is the third instalment in my historical adventure, “The Boschloper Saga,” which is set on the frontier of 17th-century New York. It continues the story of my main character, Sean O’Cathail, an Irish fur trader, which began in Primitive Passions and was continued in Savage Wilderness.

While working for New York State I was based in the capital, Albany, and was surrounded by reminders of the area’s Dutch history. I was impressed by the bravery of the Dutch who came to America in the 17th Century and settled in New York’s Mohawk Valley where most of the action in my stories occurs. These stalwart adventurers inspired and continue to inform my stories. In addition, this is a virtually ignored piece of American history that I believed should not be forgotten.

Have you ever had a lot of ideas at once and didn’t know which one to choose? If yes, how did you decide?
Of course. I usually work my way through them, playing one off of the other until I am left with the one idea that really seems to work for me.
What is the weirdest thing about your main character?
I don’t know if it’s weird, but I like to think that Sean is a “mensch,” someone who has integrity and honor, and is faithful to his family and friends.
Have you ever written for five hours in a row?
Sure. But not very often. I really have to be in the flow to go much beyond three hours.
Do you have a minimum amount of words that you write per day?
No. I write until I’m written out. That might be a scene, a page or a chapter.
Describe your current wip with one word.
What was the weirdest thing that inspired you?
Ten years into researching the Dutch in America, I still hadn’t found a hook that satisfied me. You see, the Dutch were merchants, not explorers. So, when they came to Albany, they sat there and waited for the Indians to bring furs to them! Dull, right? But, one day, after I had moved to Austria, I was in the Austrian National Library and found a YA encyclopaedia of explorers – sorry, I don’t remember the title, that described the adventures of two 17th-century Dutchmen from Albany. One went as far as Michilimackinac, where Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior meet, in search of furs; and the other made it to the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. I finally had proof that some Dutch men did exciting stuff and I was on my way to Primitive Passions!
Explain one motivation of why is it worth it to read your book?
I believe that my books are very entertaining – life, love and adventure, all in one package.
Do you have any suggestions for new writers?
If you feel the need to write, write. Write, revise or rewrite until you’ve told your story to your satisfaction.
What’s something special about your book?
I believe that all my books successfully carry the reader back to the 17th Century and immerse them in the time.
How did you decide where to place the story?
The Dutch and their trading partners and allies, the Iroquois, were in upstate New York. That was the place to set the stories.
How old were you when you started to write?
Unlike most writers, I really didn’t do much writing as a youngster, unless you count school essay assignments. What I really enjoyed was creating and telling stories. Looking back, I guess I must have driven my family and friends crazy! I chose Journalism as my major in college when I realized that writing my stories down was a way to reach more people. I guess I first considered myself a writer when I began writing professionally.

Do you self edit your novels? Without an editor?
Actually, I do. After 35-plus years of editing other people’s work, I have developed a sense for what works and what doesn’t. Plus, I am a pretty good grammarian and proofreader.
Is your book translated in other languages?
Not yet, but one can hope!
Also, my homepage is at


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