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I am back, what was I doing and how school works in Italy.

It's been a month since my last article on this blog but I am now back, and I wanted to have a fresh start with something new, today I am going to explain to you how school works in Italy, maybe by my twitter some people could have been confused at what I was doing so today I am here to explain everything, I thought it could be interesting to know something new.

So, we start school at the age of three years old, we don't do anything school related until five, we just learn how to speak properly, how to start having good relationships with people and in general how to behave. 
When we turn five we start learning how to read, how to write, we learn a little bit of math and colors, numbers and easy stuff of English. 
At the age of six we start elementary school and we graduate from it at the age of ten. In elementary school we study history, English, geography, Italian grammar, math, music, art, science and religion, in elementary school you can be sooo lucky and have good teachers that will teach all the basics of everything and at the end of the five years you'll know everything about the Italian grammar, you'll be so good at math, you'll know the basics of science and history and also, if you study well the basics of English, this is what happened to me, or you can be unlucky and have lazy teacher that will not teach you things properly and you'll find yourself at the age of sixteen committing bad Italian grammar mistakes. 
I was lucky.
Then we have three years of middle school, in middle school we do the same exact subjects as in elementary school but we have a new language with English, in my school I took french, and we do technology and Technic drawing, this goes from age eleven to age thirteen and here you have the same as elementary, you can be lucky and have good teachers and unlucky and have lazy ones, but you have another enemy this time and it's you.
We all know this is the age where you love more your friends than your parents and the only thing you want to do is going out playing around, so you don't really study, but middle school is so important because if you study so well there you will never have problems studying again, I was lucky, I had pretty good teachers but the problem was me, as you know my first language is Italian and if I didn't study English good in middle school I wouldn't know it as I know it right now, because you had the base in elementary, in middle school you're getting the base stronger. 
Then there is the choice, the big choice: high school.
In Italy we have a lot of types of high school, the first type we call it liceo and in liceo you don't do specific subjects, you do a lot of subjects but none of them will teach you how to work, liceo is made for who wants to pursue university and is already sure about this choice, there are many type of liceo, there is the linguistic, where people who attend it will study three European languages, but I think in some schools is included Russian, Chinese and Arabian, they just study languages and I think it's useless because you won't have the opportunity to work as a translator as soon as you got your diploma, there is the scientific where they study sience and some other subjects that will prepare you for admission tests in university, there is the artistic where you'll study everything that has to do with art, the ballet, yes... ballet... where you basically... dance, and you get to study some other subjects and the classic where you study literature, latin and greek and I think taht for the liceo I am done.
Then we have the tecnici, in this type of schools we study specific subjects and you'll learn how to work, they are a little easyer than liceo because you'll have a little less to study but they will be as hard because in most of them there is a lot of math and logic so if you don't have it you won't do it as great, there are a looot of types, there is graphic deisgh, marketing and administration, international relationships, informatic systems, electronic, chemistry and biology, mechanic, just a looot.
Then there are the professionali, it stands as you may understand by the word for professionals this are the ones that have less study in them (not in all of them) and they prepare you to just go to work, as soon as you are done with them you will be fully prepared to go to work, there are many types as well, the one that I am attending is buisness, logistic and accounting, there is biology, there is bakery, cooking, graphic design, photography, a lot of others and they can last from 3 to 5 years, mine is 5 years long and it's pretty harder than I thought it would be.
At the end of high school there is the big exam called maturità and I am preparing for it, this is why I haven't been posting, because before doing the exam you have to pass some test and I had a lot of them lately.

As you may understand in Italy we can go to work right after high school and still get a good job, we can work in every sector that we want to work and then there is University. 
And obviously there are a lot of types of university, more than you can ever think of and the minimum amount of years is 3 the maximum is 6 for medicine. 

So this is it, I hope that I have been clear on how italian school works, if you want me to go deeper in some topics let me know, I hope I'll see you next time. 


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