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How to choose names for your characters.

This is one of those not important things in writing a novel that you waste the most time doing. 

Deciding what names to give to your character is a process that you need to consider.
There are a lot of factors that you need to think about when deciding what names to give to your characters, is it a fantasy novel? A sci-fi novel? Contemporary?
If it's fantasy and you have actually invented the hole world then you should be able to invent also names, like just get some sounds and see if they sound good, or get some existing names that are not common, are you writing a novel that's mostly for English speaking people? Then go get some Arabic names, in general names that are not that known. 
Are you writing a contemporary?
Get names that you like, imagine your character and think about the name that you think would be suitable for him or her.
Use whatever name you like, or invent names that sound good, you can actually get even objects names and use them for the character.

Use your creativity!
Keep writing. 

My novel is getting translated in English, here you can find it in Italian:

Clarissa è una ragazza normale, ha vent’anni e frequenta il secondo anno di medicina e vive in una bellissima villa con il suo ragazzo: Jon.
Clarissa ama la vita, ama aiutare gli altri e adora il mare, dopo aver adottato una bambina per donarle un’esistenza migliore, il suo corpo inizierà a mandarle dei segnali, ma lei li ignorerà e ciò le causerà tantissimi guai, e forse anche la morte.
Solo una persona riuscirà a salvarla dal suo destino ormai scritto, quella persona ha un passato oscuro e segreto, Clarissa vorrà scoprire tutto, così intraprenderà un nuovo percorso scoprendo molte cose che non si aspettava e incorrendo in alcuni guai ancora più gravi.


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