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2019 goals.

Today I will be talking about my bookish and not 2019 goals.

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So, since I am 18 years old and in Italy we can drive just when we turn 18 one of my goals is to get my driving license also if I don't have that much time to study for it, I will try my best.

In september I am going to university and I would love soooo much to attend medical school, in Italy to be in you need to pass probably the hardest test of your life, so my goal is to study a lot for my medical school application test and to get in, hopefully. 

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I want to become a stronger dancer, probably a lot of you don't know but I am a dancer, I am not really great to be honest, I am not a Maddie Ziegler but I want to work harder and to improve a lot. 
I want to achive higher jumps and multiple turns since I can do just three sometimes four, I want to learn a little bit of acro and get better at tap and hip hop. 

I want to improve my english.
As some of you know I am italian and I love english as a language and I have also been tanslating a lot lately for some publishers and my own books too, I want to reach a C1 level, the highest level that you can have in Italy is C2 and I have now a B2+.

I want to improve my french, it's a language that I study since middle school and I want to learn Russian, Sweden and German. 

And now onto bookish type of goals.
As some of you may know I have been writing my second book, so my goal is to finish the second book and publish the first one, I would also love to translate them and to publish them in the US and the UK.

I wanto to read at least 70 books, I know that I won't be able to do that probably because I go to school, I have the finals this year, I have the university test and the driving license test to study for, then I have to translate my books and some books for a publisher so I have a lot to do this year and I hope that I can still read as musch as I did, 70 books is my goal. 

I want to read more classics, If you look at the books that I have reviewd there are not that many classics so I want to read some.

I want to read more Distopyas, since I had a great writing idea so I want to write a book that's some kind of Distopya, I need to be inspired. 

And I think that's it, tell me what are your goals also in private, you can find all my contacts in the ''Who am I'' page.
See you in the next article. 


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