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HUUUGE October haul.

This month my bank account was drained. 
I had to deal with my depression because I didn't get in Medical School, and this is how I did it.
I bought so many books that I don't even know where to put them.

Soo, I bought different generas, if you read this blog before you probably know that my favorite was romance, if you scroll back you'll see mainly romance reviews, but at some point, I just started to hate them, and I'm planning on telling you why I stopped because I figured out the reason.
I bought many different books hoping to find the new genera that will steal my heart like romance did once. 
if you are interested in any of this books click on the title and you'll be directed to the Amazon link for the cheapest option.

If you are interested I'm putting this in because I bought them in october but they are not the main focus, this are Biology, Chemestry and Physics books that I bought to study from to repeat the admission test to medical school in 2020, I know that many people are interested in studying in Italy and many of them are brave enough to study in italian as well, so maybe someone is interested in this, this are the books that I bought. 

Image result for la chimica di rippaImage result for fisica zanichelli

Let's move on to more fun books.
The first book that I bought was: The little book of witchcraftBy Astrid Carvel

Image result for the little book of witchcraftI've already read this and a review is coming out soon, and yes! I am a Wiccan and I have been practicing witchcraft since I was 14 years old, if you're interested in it I can talk about it on another post.

This was such a fun book to read, if you're an advanced witch/wizard it wont tell you anything that you don't already know, but if you're starting off this has the basics and it teaches you everything that you need to know.
It's not enough, if you end up deciding to pursue this path you'll need more detailed books and I actually suggest that you watch Harmony Nice's videos on YouTube because I think that she is the biggest Wiccan on there.
Anyways, it was fast to read since as the title says it's a small book and it's full of images and quotes.
An easy and cute read that I suggest if you're interested on the topic.

Next we have The diviners by Libba Bray
Image result for the diviners Everyone probably already knows this book, it is a pretty old book but I never picked it up because I was scared by the size of it, this is one HUGE book.
I haven't had the time to read it yet but I'm intrigued by the story line, I've already read something similar to this, it was set in the same period of time and a girl had some paranormal powers and I enjoyed that one a lot, if I find it in English it will be linked here.
I thought to give this one a go because it was probably something that I would like a lot.
This was so expensive, it was like 34€ and that's 42 dollars, I hope I'll end up loving it like everybody else. 

The Divergent series
Image result for the divergent seriesEverybody probably know this one, I did back when I was fourteen but I couldn't afford books and this was not available at my library, or at least I couldn't find it and I was too shy to ask the librarian if she could get it for me.
I kept pushing it back until now that I have the Government's bonus to buy book and I can buy it with no problem.
I am really ecxitied to read this, I hope that I'll love it like everybody did when they were talking about it back in 2014, I bought a complete bundle which I'll link here, I suggest that you get the bundle because it will save you money.
I am so exited to read this, I know there is romance in it and I've already said more than once that I am not attracted to romance anymore, but this is also fantasy and I feel like I haven't read enough fantasy during my reader career, so I thought of giving this a try and I have a great feeling that I will love it.

Another one of the most famous series that I have yet to read is Hunger Games.
Image result for hunger games books
This ended up on my shelves just now because of a stupid mistake that I made, I started reading this series from the last book... so I hated it because I couldn't understand anything.
I took some time to forget what I read and I bought this bundle right here and I can't wait to start reading this. I hope that people were not lying this hole time and that this series is actually a great series. 
I haven't even watched the movies because books first, this is a rule. 

Next up on the list we have City of Ghosts
I've hears Peyton Reads from YouTube talking about it and the story line really intrigued me
Image result for city of ghostsIt tells the story of a girl that after an accident she starts seeing ghosts, her best friend ends up being a ghost.
This book reminded me of "The summoning" by Kelly Armstrong which was talking about this girl that when she gets her period she starts seeing ghosts and she gets sent to this place where there were a lot of people that had magic powers. 
I loved that book so I thought that I was going to love this one as well, and in this period of my life I really need to go to another world to just stop thinking about my problems for a second and I don't know why but I think that this book will be able to just stop time for me.
I'll talk about it more in a dedicated review.

Always suggested by Peyton I have Daughter of the Burning City.
Image result for daughter of the burning cityThis cover has the beautiful pastel colors that I love, I was intrigued by this book as well because of the story line and also in this case I was convinced to get it by another book that I previously read which is "The night circus" I just love a lot books that are set in a Circus and this one is.
Although I hate to go to the Circus and I hate the concept of it, it's always a mysterious place and you never know what happens after the shows or before and it has something scary about it.
In this book we are following the story of a girl that doesn't have eyes and uses masks to cover this fact I believe, this girl can create illusions, she starts having a great connection with them until someone starts killing them.
The story line is definitely intriguing and I'm looking forward onto reading this. 

Final book is Flawed
Image result for flawed
This book was suggested by Peyton as well (this hole blog post is thank to her I guess) and it's kind of a Dystopia.
After 1984, which was perfect, I'm still trying to find a Distopya that is going to make me think as much, I still think that Orwell saw the future somehow.
Anyways, this book intrigued me so much, society is divided in two categories, the perfects and the Flawdeds, the flawdeds are the ones that did something bad they get marked and they won't be able to be in contact with the perfects anymore. 
Really intrigued by this and I'll update you on it with a review. 

Image result for the selectionAt the end Flawed ended up not being the last book that I bought in October (this post was prewritten before the actual end of the month, I thought I was completely done with buying books but I wasn't) the final book was The selection.
Many people are probably rolling their eyes right now like "Klaren, you say you hate romance now but you keep buying more" I bought this because I think that it can suite my liking right now because I'm loving Dystopias and if I understood well this is one of them.
Anyways I was intrigued by the plot but ended up not buying the full series because of the negative reviews I read, I hope that it's not going to be as bad as the reviews I heard.
I'm still intrigued by the plot.
Here is the link to the bundle with the full series if you are interested.

This blog post taught me to not prewrite hauls because I thought that I was done but I actually still ended up putting other books in my chart.
So, the other books I ended up putting in my chart are:
Image result for this savage songThis Savage song
I was really intrigued by the plot of this story, I've heard people saying amazing things about this book.
As you can see it's a duology, I just got the first book to be sure that I will enjoy the story, if I'll ended up loving it I'll certainly buy the second one and finish up with the story.
This looks like such a spooky story that's perfect for this period of time.

Image result for shatter meNext up we have the Shatter me series, like the other books I got the three books in one.
I've heard mixed opinions about this books but something that was common was that the writing was gorgeous, I actually like the plot and I think that I might enjoy this book.
It's about a girl that can't touch people, if she touches them they die, she gets looked up in a tower because the government wanted to use her as a torture tool, for days until a boy walks in, this boy is immune to her touch and will convince her into using her powers.
I'm really curious to see what this books hold and I actually think that I will like it.

I loved the series as you probably know by now so I read Restore me, Defy me and the two first Novellas of of Scribd.
Review for Shatter me here.

That is it for today, I hope I inspired you and that you found new books that may intrigue you, let me think what you bought on October and I'll see you in another article. 

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