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Books I want to read but I'm insecure about them.

As a lot of you before I buy a book I always make sure to check reviews to know whether this book is going to be something that I'll love or is going to just make me waste money. 
Books are usually expensive (If you consider the fact that I payed 36€ for The Diviners only) and I'm not trying to waste money, especially for hardcovers and paperback because ebooks are cheaper and I can always go for them. 
Today I'm going to talk about some of the books that I want to read but I am really unsure if that is going to be a good purchase or not.
Risultati immagini per zenith book
The first one is a really controversial book: Zenith. 

This book was written by two booktubers and it wasn't appreciated by the community, I have not heard not even one positive review if it's not for Emmabook, she is the only person that I heard saying something nice about this book. 

I was intrigued by the cover and obviously by the plot.
I have a Scribd membership so I usually get ebooks there, I read a little bit of them and then if I like them I buy the paperback if I don't I continue in ebook.
This book's ebook was not available but there was the audiobook, now, I can't listen to audiobook, I don't know how people do that, I keep starting to think about something else and I can't concentrate, I listened to the first chapter and I wasn't seeing anything bad with this book, I am really unsure on what to do, I obviously can't judge a book by the first chapter so I'll keep listening and if I'll be liking this then I'll buy it. 

Risultati immagini per skywardThis is the book that I am less unsure about out of all the others, I've heard really mixed opinions about this but at least there were many good ones as well as negative ones unlike the first book that I mentioned. 
I am really intrigued by the plot of this book, it follows the story of a girl living in a world that's in constant war with other planets, she is the daughter of a man that was considered a coward because during a fight, he run away.
She's an aspiring pilot which is the highest rank in the society of this world. 
This book is already in the chart and I'm probably going to order it as soon as I have enough books to make an order.
Risultati immagini per the summer i turned prettyI'm actually excited for it even if I am not 100% sure if this is going to be a good purchase. 

We all know how I hate romance at the moment, this has been in my chart for quite a while but I never pressed buy when this book was there, I was interested in the plot and I still am it's just that I am scared considering all the romance I hated that this is going to be the same. 
For now so many other books have priority over this one.
I might not ever buy this.
But we'll see.
We never know what life holds for us. 

Immagine correlataAnother book in the controversial stack, something that again has so many mixed reviews is Cinder, It's a Cinderella retelling, there are people that love it and people that hate it, I honestly love Cinderella retelling so I might just get it.
It's in the chart with Skyward waiting for me to have enough books to make the order. 

Risultati immagini per illuminaeAnd lastly is something that you probably don't expect. 
I've heard nothing but great things about this book. 
The only thing that is keeping me form getting it is that I am scared I'm not going to like it as much as everybody else. 
Even if I didn't find not even one negative review.
I might just get it and who cares but it's pretty expensive, I have the ebook for this as well so I might try the first chapters there before getting the book.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what are the book that you are keeping yourself form reading and why and hopefully I'll see you in another post.
P.S. I hope you liked the new format of this blog post. 


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