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Why you should read the ''Shatter me'' series right now.

I've read many reviews about the Shatter me series. 
And I have this bad habit of buying things and then reading reviews, when I watched some YouTube videos of people talking about this series I was kind of regretting the choice of buying it without knowing anything about it.

The book got here, I got an edition with three books in one, and I started it looking for a reason to hate it

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But at the end I started it with no particular expectation.
I started the first book, I wasn't loving it but I was still interested in the story.
For those of you who may not know, the shatter me series follows the story of Juliette, a girl who's touch is deadly, she can kill people just touching them.
She has been considered a monster by everybody and no one actually ever loved her, until she knows a guy that looks like he's immune to her touch.
There is some kind of love triangle at the beginning, there is some insta love, but trust me, just go on with the series, it gets better.
If you are trying to read a book just for fun, this is not for you, you will hate it and trash it, you won't like it at all.
And this is why I think that it was reviewed really badly and I am kind of disappointed with all the superficial people that said that this is a trashy romance.
Let ne now tell you why this is not just a trashy romance.
Many people hated the writing of this book, honestly I already read things that were like this so it was fine for me, I found it poetic, almost lyrical, it's one of those books where you'll find the quotes from it on Tumblr.
I loved the writing.
This book made me think a lot.
This is why you may think that this is trash, because you didn't think.
You superficially read it without trying to find a meaning behind it, fortunately I had an amazing literature teacher that thought me to go behind the letteral meaning of a sentence, that a writer, the mosto of the time, writes because he wants to spread a message.
Readers can read for fun but writers don't write just for fun, we write because we want to spread a message, we want people to hear what we have to say. 
This was a difficult review to write for me, I just kept having more things to add whenever I thought I was done. 
Some people said that it's not a dystopian.

Let me insert the definition of dystopia right here:

dystopia (from Ancient Greek δυσ- "bad" and τόπος "place"; alternatively, cacotopia, kakotopia, or simply anti-utopia) is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It’s translated as "bad place" and is an antonym of utopia.
Dystopias are often characterized by dehumanization, tyrannical governments, environmental disaster, or other characteristics associated with a cataclysmic decline in society.”

According to Wikipedia this is the definition of Dystopia, and a world where animals are dieing, where people are poor and can't afford food, where food is contaminated and there is just one organ in control of the hole world that is trying so bad to destroy every piece of it is not a world where I want to live or where anybody would like to live.
If you want to live here, then yes, this is not a dystopian, I don't want and many other people wouldn't.
So this is a dystopian that is focused more on the characters rather then describing the hole world, but there is enough to understand that this is not the best society to live in it to want for our kids.
A world where plants don't grow up and were food is genetically modified is so close to us, this is the first concerns I had when I was reading it and I was thinking about all the people that said that this is not a dystopian and that it's "just a romance",  this world is close to us, Juliette at the beginning of the book is talking about how she is not getting how seasons work because the world was being destroyed.
This is happening to us, right now.
The government was killing minorities. Doesn't this remind you of something? Doesn't it make you think about how cruel the human kind could be? Juliette's parents said that she was a monster and that she ruined their lives when she was trying her best to be a good person and to be kind to people? Doesn't this tell you about how cruel humans could be? Your mother abandoned you. How would this make you feel?
The only thought I was getting was, I would have never ever been so kind to people when they were throwing rocks at me, I would have been the most evil person existing in the planet, EVERYBODY could have been scared to death of me and I could have been the queen of the world. 
The only thing I was thinking was, how did she do it? How did she want to be good to people when they were treating her like trash. I know many people can relate to this, I know many people would say that they would have been evil as well instead.
The author was telling us that no matter what happens to us we have to be good people, karma will do his job.
Juliette had the power of a gun, she was able to kill people just touching them, she could scare people to obtain whatever she want, but she didn't. 
There are so many deep thoughts about humans not having to kill each others because nobody has the right to decide who has to die or not, believe in what you want, God, the Nature, Earth, I don't care what you believe in, A HUMAN DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL ANOTHER HUMAN.
Juliette understood better than a lot of us that no matter how many guns you have, it doesn't matter if you could have the opportunity to kill, you don't have the right to do it. 
It's not up to you to decide when is a person going to die. 
This is what this book was trying to say, whether you liked the story or not, whether you hate how it's written, this is the main message, you can't say that this was just a trashy romance.
It also helps understand that most of the times we are who we are because of the people that surround us, so sometimes it's not completely our fault. 
This is for the first books, if you haven't read the others and you don't want spoilers than scroll down until you see some space. 
I've heard people saying that the second and the third book were so bad because they had no plot and they were just focusing on the characters feelings.
Well, this is something that not many authors can do anymore, not even people can do it.
Focusing on feelings.
Focusing on what other people feel. 
Anyways, in both of the last books you start seeing Juliette changing, getting stronger.
That tells a lot about how different people get treated in our society.
She started feeling that she could use what was "wrong" with her as a power. 
This two books teaches you that you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it. 
You can do anything if you stop thinking that you can't, if you stop thinking about how many things could go wrong.
Just do it. 

I'm really sad that many people did not understand the meaning behind these books.
I know people hate romance, so do I, but the meaning was powerful, that kept me reading. 
I had to change this review so many times because I had so many things to add, so many thoughts, this books signed me. 
After all this, would you read this series?
To everybody that said that this is a trashy romance I invite you to read it again with different eyes without laughing at it, I am amazed and I don't know how people didn't get this message, it was written clearly all over this books.
I have never been so mad in my entire life, this is one of the books where I felt I had to defend it, I had to say something, because this book in years will be a classic and kids in school will read it, because this is the message that needs to be spread.
I was getting 1984's vibes, no, this book will never even get close to 1984, because that is THE book, THE dystopian, and I suggest that everybody reads it.
I really was feeling claustrophobic reading this book, I was anxious, I was frustrated, when everybody wanted just to use Juliette for her power, I felt like I would have killed myself if I were her, I felt like I felt when I first read 1984, and a book that makes you feel this way has a great author behind.
I hope that Tahereh Mafi keeps writing and maybe in some years she will drop something that is closer to 1984 because her thoughts are there…
This is a 9/10 for the hole series just because the first book is a little slower than the others or it would have been a perfect 10, but it gets better, the more you go on, it gets better.

Don't feel attacked if you considered this book a trashy romance, everybody has an opinion, this is mine, I just wanted to explain the message to who didn't get it because I think that it's important, whether you liked the book or not. 
Yes, I am mad.
Bye! See you later. 


  1. I loved this series so so so much.
    Thank you for clarifying the meaning, I was concerned by peoples opinions about this book.


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