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Restore me - book review - NON spoiler review and discussion

I know I have to stop prewriting articles because I always end up changing my mind. 
So, I finished the Shatter me series (non spoiler review here) or at least I finished the first three books of the series thinking that they were the only ones.
I thought, maybe I just need to read the novellas to know what's going to happen next.
Risultati immagini per restore meThen I found out that there are other books to the series, Restore me and Defy me.
I've written a TBR and a wrap up already because I didn't think I was going to read Restore me now, my plans changed so I'll be deleting that post because I'll probably be finished with Defy me by tomorrow and it's technically still october. 
The last two books are not available in italian so I had to directly order them from the U.K to Italy 'cause my stupid brain couldn't think of Amazon at that moment. 
It said that I would have received the books by the 12th of November, I just couldn't wait that much, I saw that the ebooks were available on Scrbd and I read Restore me. 
This is what the review is about.
I hate ebooks but I couldn't wait. 
I finished Restore me a couple of hours ago and I already started Defy me I couldn't keep my thoughts I have to talk to someone. 

If you haven't read the Shatter me series this might contain spoilers of the first three books so read my non spoiler review and go immediately to read the series and I'll see you when you're done with Ignite me.
So bye non spoiler people. 
For those of you who read Ignite me, let's talk about restore me, I'll have a non spoiler review here for you but I'll keep with spoiler discussion later, don't worry, I'll warn you when the spoiler part begins so you can click off. 

So, how do I start?
The war finished, Juliette is now supreme commander of North America and Warner is by her side. 
Soon enough she'll start not feeling up to the role and many other things will happen to her. 
I loved this book way much more than the other three books because it had a lot more action, I don't know how the author did this, this book was keeping me turning the pages also when nothing was happening, like in Unravel me and Ignite me, sometimes nothing exciting happened, especially in Unravel me, nothing exciting happens until the last like three pages, but I still read it and loved it. 
In Restore me in every part of it something happens, it was a JOURNEY, I couldn't stop reading.
I got so frustrated, angry, anxious, mad again, it just blew my mind. 
AND THAT ENDING, let's not talk about the ending, the ending left me as confused as I could ever be because of a book. 
I gave it 5 stars, it was just too good even if I think that it was a little all over the place, the author tried to make us curious and make us anxious and on a part she was able to do so but on the other part everything looked all over the place but it was still so enjoyable, don't read it if you're stressed because you are going to get more stressed about a story that is not even real. 
We see a development in all the characters and we know more about all of them, a lot of things that were not clear by the first three books will definitely be in this one. 
I've heard, as I said in my review of the Shatter me series a lot of people complaining about the world building being non existent but guys, I'll never stop defending this series, this whole series is about a 17 year old girl WHO NEVER LIVED, she never had a life, never had the time to explore the world she was living in, she was closed up in a cell and said many times that she knew just to go to school and that was it. 
The books are from her point of view, she doesn't know how the world she's living is is, she doesn't know anything, do you get it? This is why you don't get a world building, in this book there are the points of view of Warner and Juliette, so a lot of things that us readers didn't know because Juliette didn't know them herself will be explained. 
So, I hope I convinced you to keep going with the series and I am now saying goodbye to the non spoiler people, so if you still have to read Restore me, click off right now and I'll see you in another post.
Bye non spoiler people.


I have warned you 

I begin with the spoiler discussion.
So, for those of you that are still here and have read Restore me, please tell me how you feel about all this things because I feel like I could explode. 
How is she the kid of the supreme commander? Why did she shave her head? I have really long hair and I could never, why do her parents want her back? She has A SISTER.
I was so frustrated about the duration of all the book because everyone knew more about her life but herself, I keep thinking how would I have felt like if I was considered just an experiment, that my life isn't worth it.
I rushed to discuss about this book because I couldn't keep mi thoughts and I love to write them.
Castle really annoyed me for this whole book, I get that this whole thing was better to be known than unknown but he didn't have the right to... I don't know, ivande Juliette's... or Ella's privacy like that? 
And are you telling me that I'll have to start calling her Ella after almost four books of calling her Juliette? 
And Nazeera? I'm in love with her, OMG, she looks so strong and powerful I kind of feel that if the Supreme commanders kid's kill their parents the Shatter me world would be so much better, I can tell that they are not like the parents. 
I loved this book so so much, I have so many things to say but at the same time I don't know what to say.
I kind of felt from the beginning that the Supreme Commander of Oceania were her parents, when Castle addressed the fact that their response was so weird. 
I really hope that Julliette will be safe and that her parents won't do the same thing to her as they did to her sister, and I hope they get her sister out and that she's still normal of there 'cause Juliette at the beginning was a mess, she looked insane actually and she became this amazing powerful woman and there again everything came back to her mind, I really hope she'll be fine, and her sister too. 
Anyways I am in love with these series and I can't wait to know more, I am currently 30 pages in Defy me and I think I'll be done with it by tomorrow, I'll let you know when I am done and you'll find a non spoiler review and a discussion like today.
I hope you liked my article, go read Defy me immediately, you can find it on scribd which is a subscription, you'll find ebooks and audiobooks for the price of a paperback (8,99$) and if you sign up with my code you'll have 60 days for free and you can get the whole series for free. 
Sign up: and enjoy the books. 

I was not payed to say that, the company doesn't even know that I exist but I can get a month for free as well if you use my link. :)
I'll probably see you in less than 24 hours for the review of Defy me.


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