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Halloween special - Halloween booktag

This is the second post for Halloween special if you haven'r read the first one, click here to go check it out, it's a spooky book review.
I thought that it would have been nice to reply to some bookish questions that actually relate with Halloween. 
I love doing tags and this was totally spot on for this season. 

So this consists on 7 Halloween questions so let's go right into it.

The first question is: curving pumpkin, whats a book that you would curve and set on fire. 
This is easy and difficult at the same time, there are so many books that I didn't like in the past year, so many, I could actually list three. 
Image result for beautiful disasterImage result for did I mention I love youImage result for the bronze horseman

You have the honor to decide which one of this is the worse. 

The second question is: pick two Characters, one is a trick and the other a treat.
This was not easy at all. 
For a character that is a trick I would go with Sophia in the Fallen series
Image result for fallen                     SPOILER ALERT.                               
That ending was not expected, I just hate what she did and the fact that there was no trace in her being as bad as she actually was, her killing Penn had me dead and just awful. 

Image result for as white as milk as red ad blood bookA character that is a treat is from the book As white as Milk as red as blood, if I find this book in English it will be linked here.
I originally read it in Italian and it's just devastating... The main character is so sweet anyways and I loved him so much. 

Candy book: a book that is always sweet.
I know, you all are rolling your eyes right now but a book that I always love to read all the time, that is able to make me forget my problems is... Twilight.
My fourteen year old me still screams when she hears about Twilight and this book is just something that brings up so many memories because that year of my life had been so easy, with no pressures and no bad energies. 

Ghosts: name a character that you'd like to have visit you as a ghost. 
For this one I'm going to say Wilson Smith from 1984, I would never stop to talk to him. 
                                            SPOILER ALERT                                   
So many things happen in that book and we all know the ending, the ending was something so confusing, it would be great to have him telling us what actually happened at the moment of his death
what did he feel because we don't know much about that and what about Julia, was everything that he believed actually real.
Definitely him, there are a lot of things that we can learn from a person like him that lived such a bad situation.

Dressing up: name a character that you want to be for a day.
Image result for waiting for you booksI would like to be Avery from "Waiting for you" I know I said that I hate romance, but at the time that I read this, I loved it so much, and the love story between her and Cam was so sweet and something that I would love to live just for fun, (I have an amazing relationship myself).
This is a book that tries to be relatable and realistic but it really fails on this but still light and sweet to read even if I'm never going to read anything from this author ever again due to some drama that came up.
This is still a book that I recommend if you're looking for a light read. 

Witches and wizards what is your favorite Harry Potter moment. 
That is a huge series, how am I supposed to pick just one moment?
Anyways, I think when Harry gets assigned to Gryffindor, that was a magic moment, I would say that the hole introduction to Hogwarts was amazingly exciting and magic, there was nothing like Harry Potter before Harry Potter. 

Blood and gore: what's a book that was so creepy that you had to take a long break from.
I haven't read that many horror books actually so I am having a really hard time thinking of one. 
Yeah I would say Unwind, I had to stop reading many times just because I had to realize what was going on, if you're interested here is the review for this book, it's actually the spooky book for the Halloween series. 

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