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Defy me review - NON spoiler book review and discussion

As I planned I'm done with Defy me I finished it yesterday so I'll have to change my whole wrap up for the month and TBR, yeah, whatever.
So, I don't get why everybody hated this book so much, I really really loved it. 
I'm going to start with the usual disclaimer, this is a book from The Shatter me series, this is the fifth book, so if you haven't read the first four here are the non spoiler reviews for them:
Shatter me series, first three books, Shatter me, Unravel me and Ignite me, here
Restore me here
This post might contain spoilers for the previous books so if you haven't read them click off right now and go catch up with the series in the links I have posted before. 

I'm going to start like yesterday with a non spoiler review and then a detailed discussion late, don't worry, I will warn you as soon as I'll start with the spoilers. 
So,  bye people that haven't read the Shatter me series and don't want to be spoiled. 

Immagine correlataI rated this book 4.5 stars.
This book starts off where Restore me left, so Juliette/Ella has been kidnapped by the supreme commanders of Oceania and all the meeting where she killed nearly 600 hundred people, the Symposium.
Warner has been kidnapped too and he finds himself in some sort of prison.
The story is told by the points of view of Kenji, Warner and Juliette who you'll have to learn to call Ella because that's her real name.
I am going to stop here with the plot because anything else is highly spoilery. 
This book has been a journey like Restore me, so many things happen and so many things are revealed, honestly it's nothing that you were not expecting but trust me, it's worth it. 
I am not saying that this is the best of the series but I loved it and I found it really entertaining, I couldn't stop reading it I don't get why people didn't love it but it's fine, it actually seems like a whole different story than how Shatter me started. 
I think that it should have been a little longer because I kept asking myself so many questions about so many things that could have been more detailed and well explained.
The first half of the book is pretty slow, this is why I am saying that you should keep going and hold on because it's worth it for the second half.
I loved it overall but I get why people could not like it.
Now I am done with the non spoiler review, so if you haven't read this book and you don't want to be spoiled click off now and I'll see you on the next post, stay tuned for my book haul and more. 
Bye non spoilery people. 


You have been warned. 

I begin with the spoiler discussion 
I love how everybody grows their hair back in this book, thanks Evie, I was actually really tired to think about Juliette and Warner half bold.

A lot in this book happens as I told you, just so many things, first we have a better vision of what everybody menat with the fact that Ella and Emmaline were build JUST to serve the Reestablishment, I was pretty happy to understand that all the shit that happened in their atmosphere was Emmeline doing that, that it was an illusion and that their world was not that bad. 
Emmaline is the character that I was most curious about it and knowing her condition broke my heart, like, she's living under water? Her mind is too strong for her body? 
I really wish that there is another chance and that Ella doesn't HAVE to kill her, that they can heal her so that she can live a better life, I just don't get how A MOTHER could give up her daughters like that, like she was really sick, a Psycho actually and seeing Ella just taking her heart out of her chest was something that made me feel so proud of her.  
I hope she doesn't survive not having a heart like Anderson survived tu bullets in his forehead. 
I'm shipping the fact that Warner proposed and Ella said yes. 
I found so fascinating the way in which Emmeline guided Ella to the spot where she was held.
And Nazeera? QUEEN.
Anyways, I loved this book so much and I can't wait for Imagine me to come out hopefully to see Anderson dead even tho I want him to have a conversation with Adam, I want to see Max dead and I want to see the children of the supreme commanders rule the world making it a better place.
I hope we get to see that.
I was not disappointed in Defy me and the fact that I have to wait the 31st of march to get Imagine me is making me cry. 
Anyways, let me know your opinions about Defy me and I'll see you later.

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