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Books I don't talk about enough.

Hello guys, 
today I am here to talk to you about all the books that are not very known, that I feel like I don't talk about them enough on my blog and in general people don't really speak about this books. 
You will find all genres, so I hope you enjoy and you find something to add to your TBR. 

First book that I want to talk about is: Born of illusion by Teri Brown.
Immagine correlataThis book is set in the first years of 1920s and it follows the story of Anna, a girl that lives with her mother which is a medium, she always follows her mother in her shows and helps her until she finds out that she has a power that will save her life.
I loved this books so much, I gave it 4.5 stars and I just found out that there are other three books with it and I am so exited to read them.
I'll definitely suggest that you pick this one up because it's a light read, it's just really good. 
This is the book that inspired me to pick ''The Diviners'' up. 

Risultati immagini per all quiet on the western front

Second book is: All quiet on the western front. 
This book is perfection.
It's so heart breaking... it follows the story of the main character, Paolo Baumer which is a soldier during WWI, it actually follows the story of many characters, and their struggles during the war. 
I think that everybody should read a book set during one of the Wars to not forget the pain that this people went through, History is meant to teach us what we did wrong in the past to not repeat it again. 
This is so good to understand especially since everybody speaks about WWII (and I understand why), but here is a book that tells you that WWI was as bad as it. 
This was a 5 stars and I would have given to it even more, just remember that this is a true story. 

Third book on the list is The program bu Suzanne Young.
Risultati immagini per the programThis book follows the story of some teen agers in a society where teen agers can get a desease called The depression, and the government gets this kids and puts them in hospitals where they get a surgery that will cancel all their thoughts, their emotions, their memories.
This is a really good series, I have read the first two books, The program and The treatment, and I loved them so so much.
Just makes you think, even if you had some bad things happening in your life, would you like someone coming in and stealing your memories? Your personality?
The most important thing that you have is you. 
This was a 4 star read, really loved it. 
Risultati immagini per frankenstein

The fourth book is Frankenstein.
Do I even have to add something?
Everybody knows the plot of this book, everybody knows what this is about and I lived it so much.
It was one of the first books that I've ever read in English.
I reccomend that you read it before you die because it's eye opening. 

This is it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed this, share it with your friends so that they will be able to increase their TBR as well, don't be selfish.
I know there are not that many book but I really speak about all the books that I love so so much, I have never had the context to speak about these.
I hope you liked this post and hopefully, I'll see you later.


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