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Finzi-Contini's garden review.

It's been a while since I've uploaded a book review but here has come the day, I've finally finisched tests so I will have a lot more time to read, so expect some reviews soon. 
You've heard of this book in a recent tag that I've uploaded, this was the last book that I had to read because someone had me to read it. This was given to me by my literature teacher for school and I didn't like it. This book talks about the story of this people that are Jews and it's set up in 1939 so when the racial laws were up in the city of Ferrara in Italy. The only reason why I didn't like this book was the fact that I was expecting something more exiting, something that would have stayed in my mind and in my heard for ever, something that I would have always remembered as a really good book, the problem was that there was no point in writing this.  This is not teaching anything because it tells the story about the main character Giorgio falling in love with Micol, she …