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I have self-published a book on Amazon.

Hi guys, thank you for being with me today.
It's been a long time since I have published an article in english, I have been so busy and also sick, but today I am here to tell you that I have actually published a book on amazon.
I will leave you the book here even if it's in italian so probably some of you may not know it but I will translate it four you too.

So, this is the cover, the title as you can see is The last beat and it's a novel, I can't tell you the genere of it, it's kind of a romance buth the romance is not even that much, I would actually call it a medical drama since the main character is a doctor, or alt least will become a doctor.

This book tells the story of Clarissa, a twenty-year-old girl that attends her second year of medical school and lives with her boyfriend, a doctor named Jon.
Because of the boredom and the curiosity, one evening she finds hermself surfing around a fairly '' Dark '' site and will end up buying a child just for the curiosity of knowing if the purchase would be successful.
This choice will create some problems with her boyfriend, both because he is legitimately concerned about the act of Clarissa and does not feel ready to be a father. Because of this Clarissa will have more relationships with her ex-boyfriend, Max, a police officer who will help her solve the case of the child she bought, Annabelle.
While all this is happening, Clarissa begins to feel quite abnormal symptoms in her body and yet Jon's exhortations she will never go to the doctor to find out what was going on, and later in the novel she will pay dearly for the negligence she has had for her own self.

So, as you can see, the story is not actually a romance, there are some elements that can tell you that it's a romance but I would call it more like a medical drama since the story is taking place mostly in the hospital because of Clarissa's rotations from the third year of medical school.
Tell me what you think about the story, I am going to get the translation done as soon as I am done with some translations that I am dealing with at the moment.
I will leave you the link of the book anyway in case you want to check it out anyways or in case you know italian or you are learning it.

See you in the next article.


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