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Good low priced brands

I know, this is a reading blog, why the hell am I writing a makeup related article?
Well the answer is easy, this blog is a passion for me, I love to write and i want to write about everything that I have in mind, as I announced in an italian post, on saturdays I will start to post articles about everything, especially my passions, reading and makeup are one of those.

So, makeup is expensive, right?
Today I am here to suggest to you some good low priced brands that are also high quality.

So the first brand I think all of you thaught about it when I said low priced makeup is: Makeup revolution, or revolution makeup, I love their palettes, I love their brushes and lipsticks, and everything is under 20$, their reloades palettes are like 4,99$ so it's affordable and it dupes a lot of other brands that are way much more expensive, I think it's worth it.

The second one is shopmissA, I don't know if you've ever heard about it, it's a website wher everything is 1$, they have a lot of things especially makeup, and everything is a dollar, some things are good and some things are not, but I think it's worth trying. 

The third one is elf, elf is known by everyone, it's so affordable and has a lot of good stuff, I suggest that you try it out. 

The last one in a brand that you've never heard of but that I love and I think the quality is amazing and it's beauty glazed, nothing's worth more than 10$ and the quality is gooooood, you can find it on amazon, ebay but mostly on wish and aliexpress, but trust me, it wont harm your skin, I am the person with the most sensitive skin ever and never did anything to me, I think it's a good brand.

So, for today I am done, I hope that you actually like this tipe of different article and I'll see you in the next one. 

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