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What is my book about

Hello guys,  It has been a while since I have written an article, but I am back,hopefully to be more consistent. Today I am going to tell yo what's my book all about, as you may know I am Italian and I am getting my first book, "The last beat", translated. Since I have school and a lot of other things I didn't have much time lately to keep up with the translation. I hope that it will be done soon, but for now, here is what it's about.  This is the cover I had for the Italian version, it may vary from the English one. 
This book tells the story of Clarissa, a Young 20 year old girl that lives her complete normal life, she lives in an amazing villa with her boyfriend Jonathan which is 27 years old and a doctor and she is attending medical school to be a doctor as well.  A day she was bored and decided to surf the deep web finding out a curious site, wanting to know if everything would work, she ends up buying a baby girl from the Deep web.  Her life will completely…
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My new book and where have I been all this time.

I know, it's been a while since you've heard me or someone else talk about this blog. I've had many things going on in my life, I just turned 19 in June, with this so many things happened. I graduated high school, that was the most exiting thing yet the saddest of my life, as expected after the exams I've never heard anything from my classmates, that was something I knew it was going to happen but I really hoped it didn't. In Italy we have graduation exams (if you're interested on knowing more about school in Italy read this article) , if you don't pass them you can't graduate, and I had my last one on July, after that I had to start studying for my medical school admission test, which... I din't pass. In Italy there are 68.000 people trying for just 10.000 spots, and I failed it.  I had a lot of thinking to do, like what am I supposed to do with my life now? I figured that I want to become a doctor, I really want this, so I'll start studying a…

Finzi-Contini's garden review.

It's been a while since I've uploaded a book review but here has come the day, I've finally finisched tests so I will have a lot more time to read, so expect some reviews soon. 
You've heard of this book in a recent tag that I've uploaded, this was the last book that I had to read because someone had me to read it. This was given to me by my literature teacher for school and I didn't like it. This book talks about the story of this people that are Jews and it's set up in 1939 so when the racial laws were up in the city of Ferrara in Italy. The only reason why I didn't like this book was the fact that I was expecting something more exiting, something that would have stayed in my mind and in my heard for ever, something that I would have always remembered as a really good book, the problem was that there was no point in writing this.  This is not teaching anything because it tells the story about the main character Giorgio falling in love with Micol, she …

I am back, what was I doing and how school works in Italy.

It's been a month since my last article on this blog but I am now back, and I wanted to have a fresh start with something new, today I am going to explain to you how school works in Italy, maybe by my twitter some people could have been confused at what I was doing so today I am here to explain everything, I thought it could be interesting to know something new.
So, we start school at the age of three years old, we don't do anything school related until five, we just learn how to speak properly, how to start having good relationships with people and in general how to behave.  When we turn five we start learning how to read, how to write, we learn a little bit of math and colors, numbers and easy stuff of English.  At the age of six we start elementary school and we graduate from it at the age of ten. In elementary school we study history, English, geography, Italian grammar, math, music, art, science and religion, in elementary school you can be sooo lucky and have good teach…

How to monetize your blog.

I know that this topic is kind of a Tabu because not so many people want to talk about earning money, because showing off the money that we have earned by our hard work is bad, obviously. I am here anyways to tell you about how to monetize your blog because I think that if you are working so hard to raise your blog there is nothing bad on wanting to earn some money out of it, at the end everyone could do it but who is talking about you is just too lazy to put their but on the chair and working on their blog. 
Anyways, I will start by saying that I don't earn a cent out of this blog, probably because I am not very good at marketing it, however I know a lot of ways that you can use to earn some money out of your blog and even make a living out of it, I have researched some ways and some of them I have tested, but don't expect to be millionaire by the end of the week, you are not! Or maybe you could if you have some good marketing strategies which I don't have. 
Affiliations …

John Cahill is telling us something about his books!

The writing community newsletter dropped yesterday for the first time, if you are interested in receiving the newspaper for free just comment with your email under this post, and if you want to be interviewed for the newspaper DM me on twitter, this is an example of how your interview will look like. This was the old format for the interviews for the newspaper, remember to DM me if you want to be interviewed I have new questions. 
Begin by telling us something about yourself and about your book, then tell us how did you get inspired to write it. My Name is John M. Cahill and I am 72 years old. I was born and raised in Pittsfield in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts. I earned a B.A. in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts and enjoyed a successful and rewarding career in public relations and social marketing with New York State government. I am retired and live with my wife in Vienna, Austria. I am a writer of historical fiction. My WIP is enti…

Your life as a book tag

I tried to come up with blog ideas and something fun that popped up in my head was to try to respond to a tag, a book tag. It's been a while since I have brought an article about books in my blog, but since I have a little bit of time and I can write some articles I thought it could be fine.
So, I've chosen the "Your life as book tag." I don't know who first did it, I just found it in a picture on google images, so if you know who is the creator let me know in the comments and I'll make sure I'll write it here.

The first question is: the letters of your name as the title of a book.

K: well can't think of any books with the K
L: Lo Hobbit
A: Alice in wonderland
R: can't think of a book that starts with the letter R
E: Enchanted by Heather Dixon
N: Nonostante tutto ti amo ancora (yes, it's a book in italian, I hope it counts)

Count your age along your book shelf, what book is it? 
Another book in Italian, I read in English but the majority of the…

Why did I decide to publish with a pen name?

Every time a writer finds himself writing and wanting to publish his work he starts to think if to use his real name or a pen name.  Well, I am one of those that decided to use a pen name, in fact, Klaren O'Connor is not my real name but a name that I've been using since I was like 12 for quite everything, to subscribe in games, to talk in room chats, and also my friends started calling me Klaren, I just loved how this name sounded and I thought of using it for my books.  Now, the reasons why, I have a lot of reasons why I decided to publish my books with a pen name instead of my legal name and the first one is privacy.  Obviously, I've never thought about becoming a super famous writer, with million of sold copies, I thought it was a lot if I've sold fifty, but still I didn't want my name put out there, since I am also on social medias, I have a twitter account, a YouTube channel (that I don't really use), an Instagram account, I have this blog, I just didn&#…