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Nuova copertina per The last Beat, cover reveal di The last Dance e offerta libro gratis.

Ciao a tutti ragazzi, è un po' di tempo che non scrivo in italiano su questo blog ma rimedierò nel nuovo anno!  Oggi volevo presentarvi, finalmente, dopo quasi un anno, la copertina completa della versione cartacea di "The last Beat" e parlarvi un po' del secondo libro, The last Dance, che uscirà verso metà dicembre, vi farò vedere anche la copertina completa. 

Innanzitutto volevo farvi vedere la copertina della versione cartacea di The last Beat, potrebbe essere l'ultima ma se mi seguite da quando ho aperto questo blog saprete che ho cambiato idea tantissime volte. Ci ho messo moltissimo tempo e impegno a disegnare questa copertina e sono abbastanza felice del risultato finale, rappresenta tutto ciò che troverete nel libro, spiaggia e medicina!  Quindi eccola qui fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate. 
Ho scelto i toni del rosa perché nonostante tutto ciò che succede nella vita di Clarissa la sua vita è comunque perfetta, ha tantissime persone accanto, ha una bella fam…
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Currently reading - tbr challenge

Hello guys, it's me again. I started my new job, I'm studying, I am writing, I am so full of stuff to do that I forgot that you blog followers are waiting for me.  Maybe. Anyways, I have an announcement for you before we dive in with what this post is going to be about and it's that ANOTHER poetry book is coming out soon! Yay, I am so proud of this one because it has my self harm story told with poems, and it means a lot for me, stay tuned for this, the title is going to be "Red roses red blood." I hope you will love it as much as I loved writing it.  This book is full of poems and pretty illustrations, stay tuned for the cover reveal. Now, enough with this, let's dive in with today's challenge.  So, what is a currently reading - TBR challenge? We all have an infinite TBR, and I also have an infinite Currently reading list, here's my goodreads:
These are the books marked as currently reading, this is not ok, I need to actually read them.  All of thes…

My journey into publishing my poetry book

I was sitting down one day after I failed my medical school admission test thinking at what I could have done better to pass it. I live in Italy as a lot of you may know, and there is a huge national admission test to pass and get into medical school, just 1 person out of 10 gets in, 68.000 people trying for 12.000 spots. I knew I didn't work hard enough. I was motivated but something was missing.  So many people will tell you that you won't make it, and their opinion is one of the reasons why you actually won't, you care too much of that. I recalled myself, and I said:
"This year I will study harder than I ever did, I will work harder than ever, and I will make it! And if I won't at least I won't be regretting for the rest of my life that I didn't work harder, knowing that I could."
I started writing many of my thoughts during the beginning of this journey, so this book was born. I think I had a great idea, all of us have so many other quotes that mot…

Translating my book, journey

Yes, the moment has come. I will start translating my book. Wish me luck. 
I have been writing in italian for my whole life and my first novel ,The last Beat came out in italian but now, since I think that it's a great story I really wish I can reach more people, and just by translating it I'll be able to do it. I am really ecxited to start this journey even if I know it's going to be so long and difficult. I have translated before but oh my God, that was hard. I will try and update here everything that I do.

This is how the italian cover is, I might keep the same one for the translated version, I'll definitely change the trim size because I know that American and English people do care about the size of the book while Italians don't.  I can't wait to know what more people think about my story and I can't wait to start this journey, this is the first novel I've ever written and I was 17 when I started and finished this, I am so proud of it and I am rea…

The cruel prince, a cruel review (spoiler free review and discussion)

So, this is obviously not going to be that cruel of a review, I just wanted to use this title. Today we are spoiler free reviewing "The cruel prince" by Holly Black and we will also discuss it. So as usual I will start with a spoiler free review and then  I'll warn you when the discussion will start so the non spoiler people can click off and the people that read this book can keep reading. I have a lot of things to say about this book so let's start. 
This book came out last year and it took me a while to decide that I actually wanted to try and read it, this is a dark fantasy, I've never tried so many dark fantasy this was so hyped that I wanted to give it a shot. I gave it 3.5 stars, it was pretty good, I was entertained and interested by the plot but it has many issues and things that I didn't like. This book follows the story of Jude a girl that had to witness the death of her parents murdered by a faery that will then kidnap her and her sisters to brin…

End of the year book tag

It's almost the end of the year and this is so sad for me.  This year was really weird, so many things happened, good and bad ones.  I hope that 2020 is going to be a better one but now let's stop complaining and let's talk about books. 
1. A book you didn't finish by this year 
First let's admire that I, for once, took this picture.  I always use covers that I get from the internet but not now.  So, I know I just hauled this book and why is it already Dnfed? This book gave me a headache 20 pages in, and 50 pages in I was cringing hardly. Now I know why everybody hates this book.  I am a book dnfer guys, I can't force myself to read books that I am hating, it's unhealthy for my stress levels and also a method to get a reading slump.  Anyways, here is a post where I talk about more books I DNFed this year, this was not there because it's a recent purchase. 
2. An autumnal book to transition to the end of the year 

I love all of these, I think they are re…

Books I want to read but I'm insecure about them.

As a lot of you before I buy a book I always make sure to check reviews to know whether this book is going to be something that I'll love or is going to just make me waste money.  Books are usually expensive (If you consider the fact that I payed 36€ for The Diviners only) and I'm not trying to waste money, especially for hardcovers and paperback because ebooks are cheaper and I can always go for them.  Today I'm going to talk about some of the books that I want to read but I am really unsure if that is going to be a good purchase or not. The first one is a really controversial book: Zenith. 
This book was written by two booktubers and it wasn't appreciated by the community, I have not heard not even one positive review if it's not for Emmabook, she is the only person that I heard saying something nice about this book. 
I was intrigued by the cover and obviously by the plot. I have a Scribd membership so I usually get ebooks there, I read a little bit of them and …